Build Muscle and Endurance at Our Boot Camp in Brookfield, CT

Our boot camp includes 10 full-length workout classes

Kick your training into high-gear with our boot camp workout program at Energetic Kinetic Fitness LLC in Brookfield, Connecticut. When you enroll in our boot camp workout classes, you'll have access to 10 high-intensity workout classes starting at $150. Your classes will include healthy nutrition habits and put you through challenging workouts to isolate certain muscle groups. Rotate through upper body, lower body, core and other workouts for a full-body transformation.

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Each boot camp workout is structured for the best results

Boot camp is different than most workout classes. During a boot camp workout at Energetic Kinetic Fitness, the primary goal is to keep your heart rate up for maximum results. With fewer than 10 people per class, you'll be able to work directly with the instructor to get the most out of your session. Our boot camp workouts include:

  • A 5-minute warm up
  • 30-minute station rotations
  • A 10-minute cool down and stretch

Experience 10 high-intensity workout classes as part of our boot camp program in Brookfield, Connecticut. Sign up today by calling 203-231-8829.

Energetic Kinetic Fitness LLC Mission Statement

EK Fit is a privately owned and operated gym that strives to give Northern Fairfield County access to affordable training in an encouraging, comfortable, and non-judgmental environment. Our only goal is to help our clients reach theirs.