Personal Training Holds You Accountable for Your Workouts

Work one-on-one with a trainer in Brookfield, CT

Is it hard for you to stay motivated during your workouts? Having a personal trainer will hold you accountable and motivate you to sweat during your workouts. Energetic Kinetic Fitness LLC offers personal training sessions in Brookfield, Connecticut. Choose between 30-minute and one-hour sessions to pursue your fitness goals. You can customize your workouts, communicate your goals to your trainer and find the motivation you've been searching for.

Learn more about strength training with a one-on-one personal trainer, and inquire about prices for a 30-minute and one-hour personal training sessions by calling Energetic Kinetic Fitness today.

Choose from a variety of different workouts

The best part about personal training is your ability to customize your workouts. As your trainer learns more about your goals, they can choose workouts that will help you achieve the best results for your body. Many of our personal training sessions include:

  • Strength training
  • Cardio
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Injury prevention
  • Power lifting
  • Balance exercises

Are you interested in adding personal training to your workout regimen? Schedule a session in Brookfield, Connecticut by calling 203-231-8829 today.

Energetic Kinetic Fitness LLC Mission Statement

EK Fit is a privately owned and operated gym that strives to give Northern Fairfield County access to affordable training in an encouraging, comfortable, and non-judgmental environment. Our only goal is to help our clients reach theirs.